7 Creative ways to make use of your redundant tablet

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In this modern technological world, our electronic devices soon become replaced with newer, better, more efficient versions and we’re often forced to upgrade in order to access the latest apps and games.

If you have an old, neglected tablet consigned to the back of a cupboard why not consider re-purposing it?

We have a few ways in which an old device could be put to good use:

  1. Digital cookbook – If you’re like me then cooking is a messy affair so instead of risking getting grease and flour on your new tablet, why not use your old tablet as a dedicated cookbook? Save recipes, take photos, and annotate using apps such as Google keep. You could even collate your favourite recipes into a family cookbook.
  2. Security camera – As long as your old device has a working battery and screen it can be repurposed as a webcam. Just download a security app onto your device and then position it strategically. It can even be programmed to turn on when it senses movement.
  3. Digital photo frame – Rather than leaving your tablet discarded in a drawer why not place in a prominent position, plug it into a wall socket and set it up as a digital photo frame to display precious memories? There are excellent free apps that will create slideshows of your photos.
  4. Baby monitor – By using apps such as Dormi for Android, old tablets can be set up in your babies/toddler’s bedroom and used to stream live audio to your phone or tablet using wi-fi or mobile data. This will not only enable you to listen to your little one but will also allow you to respond and soothe them with the comforting sound of your voice while you continue to enjoy relaxing in your living room.
  5. Dedicated music player and radio – By permanently connecting your tablet to speakers via the audio jack and plugging it into a wall socket your old device can be recycled into a music player. Simply load with your favourite radio and music apps.
  6. In-car movie player – Just by purchasing a universal mount(from as little as £7) you can turn your redundant tablet into a really useful tv monitor. Before you leave, preload the tablet with some of your kids’ favourites to keep them entertained throughout the journey. 
  7. Universal remote control – Do you have lots of different remotes cluttering up your coffee table? Does the remote frequently go missing down the back of the sofa? A solution to this would be to install a universal remote app onto an old device and use it as a dedicated remote for your TV, Blu-ray player etc.

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration. Please don’t hesitate to call if you need more information about the repurposing of an old device. We’ll be glad to help.


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